Sunday, August 7, 2011

Colby Day One

I can't say enough nice things about this meeting. If you've never been, you need to come.

The first talk was by Dr. Bill Smock from KY. He's an ER doctor who did a forensic path fellowship. He had the most amazing collection of pattern injury photos I have ever seen. If you can name an object someone has used to hit another person with, he had a photo of it. Dr. Smock also gave some great advice on how to opine about the origin of the wounds to juries. Wonderful talk. It reminded me of a couple of weeks ago when my son nailed me with a lightsaber and I had a perfect tram-line contusion on my leg.

Dr. Greg Davis (also from KY) gave a good talk on manner of death. Nothing really new, just good food for thought. Manner seems to be the thing we argue about the most. What would you call a 20-year-old-woman with no psych history, good student, star athlete, who does acid, tells her friends she can fly and then jumps out the window? Accident? Suicide?

The last talk was by Dr. Thomas Gilson now of Cleveland. He discussed drafting a clear and understandable autopsy report.

I ended the day with dinner in the caf with the family. There were no sprinkles for the ice cream so we had to use fruit loops. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow Dr. Peggy Greenwald (the Chief of the State of Maine is giving a talk on in custody deaths. That's going to be good!

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