Friday, August 12, 2011

Colby-- the end

I was sad to see the conference come to a close. It was the best Colby meeting I've been to ever.

The last day I gave a talk about sudden death in epilepsy and Cliff Nelson gave a very interesting talk on the issues surrounding religious objections to health care and the medical examiner (think Christian Scientist).

The day ended with Greg (Kentucky) Davis giving an overview of toxicology related deaths.

I learned quite a bit this week and enjoyed meeting some wonderful new people.

Next year Colby is Aug 5 to 9, so book your vacations now!

Now back to the real world. With summer beginning to come to a close I suspect that my blog posts will become more frequent!

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  1. could you give me some info on forensic pathology? I'm doing an English project for school on the subject of autopsy. We just read a fictional mystery book and our teacher wants us to research about murder investigations and the sub topic i picked was autopsy. So if you wouldn't mind giving me some info about autopsy that would be great. Even better if you could include the steps of an autopsy ( i understand that there are different ways to go about an autopsy depending on what you are looking for.)