Monday, August 8, 2011

Colby Day2

The highlight of the course: Dr. Richard Callery's exercises. Always worth the trip to Waterville to see Dr. Callery talk. Always informative, interesting, and hysterical. The man should do stand-up. All fun aside, there were a number of useful cases that stimulated debate. So far the theme for the weeks seems to be 'what's the manner'. I also learned quite a bit more than I needed to about cement and quicksand porn. Yes, it really exists. Google it if you're not at work.
Dr. Greenwald gave a nice talk on in-custody deaths. These are always difficult. The best part of her talk were the huge list of great references. I will use those for sure.
My talk on abusive head trauma is tomorrow. One hour. Seems like I could take 10 hours. We'll see if I can squeeze it all in. 122 slides though, it's going to be tough. But I talk fast....
Still, I had time this evening for a great canoe trip with the fam to the little island in the middle of the lake were we are staying. We encountered many pirates we had to fight off, hope they didn't follow us home...

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